TRADE SECRETS: 8 Photography Essentials you NEED to know before you book your day!

Your photographer can be your best wedding planner when it comes down to timing your day to run perfectly!

We’re the only ones apart from the bridal party that experience the whole day’s itinerary with you. We care about the flow and timing of the day and whether things go smoothly because bad timing makes it harder for us to get great pictures. Your photographs are how you’ll remember your day for years to come so it makes sense to get it right. We’ve been doing this for years and we know what makes the best wedding days go smoothly. Here’s some tips we wish all brides knew….

1. Timing is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING for great wedding photographs

Book your photographer well in advance. We often take bookings 12-18 months ahead. Usually the photographer is the last person to be booked, which means your photos may be compromised by bad timing and a hurried shoot. If you want to ensure you have great pictures throughout your wedding day, talk to a photographer before you book your ceremony and reception. They’ll help you plan your day to ensure things run smoothly and you have enough time to relax and get the pictures you deserve.

2. Time to relax

Plan to give your portrait shoot an hour or more. The most beautiful shots often happen when you have time to relax with your partner and bridal party after the formal portraits are over.

3. Good light, great pictures

For great photos, good light is critical. The best light is after 3pm, with the worst time for photos between 11am and 3pm. Timing is even more vital for winter weddings because the sun sets much earlier. In Sydney in mid-July the sun sets by 5pm. That means you will run out of good photo light by 4:30pm or even earlier if it’s a cloudy day. If you are marrying in the afternoon, consider moving your ceremony forward to 2pm so you have time for shots afterwards.

4. Family planning

Family shots are best done immediately after the ceremony while you have good light. For best results, don’t leave your family photos until the reception as most venues are badly lit for photos.

And don’t bring your family to the portrait shoot! They’ll slow everything down and you’ll miss out on important bridal party and couple portrait time.

5. Keep it close

Try to keep your photo location close to your ceremony location. Weekend traffic in Sydney is now worse than peak hour weekday traffic. You’ll be less stressed if you don’t have far to go. Travel time is wasted time especially when you’re paying for it!

6. Think about your portrait shoot location

The environment you choose will affect your makeup, hair and clothing. For example, a surf beach will almost always be windy so having your hair down for photos is a recipe for disaster. You’ll need a firmly fixed up-do and even then may get more mess than you planned. If you want a beach background, try a cove or bay. You’ll still get the water view with more protection from the wind.

7. Get creative with your location

Great pictures have contrast in colour and shape. A park is often one of the worst places for great contrasting shots since green grass makes pretty boring photos. If you want a natural feel but great results, try a forest or even just some trees instead. Think about Autumn colours or Spring blossoms for the most spectacular effects. We know all the best spots and can help you find the perfect location.

Some of the most interesting places for photography shoots produce a great contrast with your wedding clothes such as old buildings, old farm houses, old cars. Your pictures will look so much better and your outfit will really pop!

8. Walk this way

Shoes! Make sure you have a second pair with you that will be sensible for walking in. If you have 30 mins for pictures and have to walk slowly because of your shoes you will slow everything down and may run out of time. Consider bringing a pair of flats or be prepared to walk bare foot if necessary.

Remember, we’re here to help you plan your day so your wedding photos are as beautiful as they can be. Get in touch and we'll guarantee you have breathtakingly beautiful pictures to last a lifetime!